The Course

The original course was called ‘RideSafe’ launched in 2010 with Notts CC help based on aBikeSafe$20Partner$20small RoSPA presentation. This was replaced in 2012 by SharpRider™ which was developed with Derbyshire Road Safety Partnership and based on the DVSA’s Enhanced Rider Scheme. SharpRider has since been adopted by both Leicestershire and South Yorkshire Road Safety Partnerships who subsidise the scheme reducing the cost to £20 for local riders.

The Trainers

SharpRider is delivered by Advanced Rider Coaching, which is owned by Mike Abbott and delivered in the workshop with Dave Bryant a DVSA Trainer turned Examiner, a qualified teacher automotive engineer, owner of The Retford College of Vehicle Technology and an IAM National Observer.

Mike was an apprentice trained AutomotiRospa Instructorve Engineer, spending time in the Ford Competitions Department at Boreham and AVO and is a nationally qualified teacher and trainer. He was the Forgotten Racing Club’s ‘Novice of the Season’ in 1989, riding an ex-Neal Tuxworth Yamaha TZ350H, and held an ACU National Road Race License for 15 years.

In 2009 he qualified as a RoSPA Advanced Motorcycle Instructor, and as a Driving andRPMT%20Logo Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) approved Post-Test Motorcycle Trainer the following year. Mike is now a qualified ACU track coach with the British Superbike School who run on-track training courses for road riders.

Mike trains the South Yorkshire Fire Bike riders, BSBS logo bigand has in the past trained the Notts Police Off-Road Team.

The British Superbike School operates from the new Blyton Park Test Track in NW Lincs, and runs 6 on-track training days/year with separate courses for Road or Track rider.


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  1. Jim muncie December 2, 2016 / 4:47 pm

    Hello please could you let me know when the dates for 2017 come available.
    Thank you


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