SharpRider – Advanced Rider Training

SharpRider is the DVSA ‘Enhanced Rider Scheme’ intended as extra training for full ‘A’ motorcycle licence holders. Cost is only £100 which compared with the usual price of around £200 for a day’s training.

Dates for 2018 will be published when available, but please contact us to express an interest.

lcc_logoroadsaferDERBY RSP LOGO

Dates and Venues – 2018

Yet to be agreed, but cover the East Midlands and South Yorkshire areas, although riders travelling from others areas are more than welcome, and can arrange a days training followed by the assessment ride on the following day.

The scheme is suitable if you:

– are hoping to reduce your insurance costsDSCF2399

– want to be a better, quicker but safer rider

– have just passed your test

– are returning to riding after a break

– are upgrading to a more powerful motorcycle

– want to check your riding standard

The training is split over 2 days, with a first day’s informal workshop with discussions and videos covering  known causes of motorcycle accidents and how to avoid them, and advanced riding techniques, positioning etc. There is also a session outside in the yard on maintenance, picking up a fallen bike etc, and demonstrations of braking and slow riding.RidingRider Appraisal Form

A DVSA riding assessment (not a test) is on second date arranged later, and takes around 3 hours in total. It’s best just to ride normally to get the most benefit, not try to do a ‘demo ride’.

There are DVSA books and video if you need further reference. The reference book is called Riding – The Essential Skills.

ERS Cert blankAll riders then receive a formal DVSA ‘Certificate of Riding Competence’ graded A-D. which should get you a discount off your insurance on renewal. You also get a copy of our Rider Assessment sheet above and personal written feedback on your riding, identifying any risk areas in the way you ride, and how to think about addressing them. You may also be asked to consider further advanced training by RoSPA or the IAM if we believe you would benefit.


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